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I concluded practical test 2 of the Wonderland semester with a 6. I was not completely satisfied with the end result. The lack of time during the test moment broke me. I think if I had a better time distribution, I would have put the design down stronger. I was very satisfied with the concept of the design and the rationale. However, the elaboration was less good in the perspective drawing and the design report. When I read it again afterwards, I saw that I had not worded it correctly. The drawing, which I had drawn on with markers, reduced the perspective effect. The teacher also indicates this in the feedback. I agree with this. In the future I want to make a better time distribution and stick to fixed times for each part. If it is not completed within the given time, I first move on to the other part. At times I will also have to speed up a bit and keep the concept and design a bit more compact to be able to finish it in time.


"Nice sketches with idea development. Daring is important in spatial sketching, continue with it. The design is also visually rich in the model, just like in the sketches. You have refined the perspective drawing, in the completion you create the environment very coarse. A bit of a shame, because the central part turned out so well. Nice photos".

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