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The Language Feedback form relates to the elaboration of the assignment '2 out of 3'. Nicole assesses the report I wrote in response to the documentary 'Abstract: The art of Design - Bio-Architecture'.


In the report I have tried to inform, but also to give my opinion on some points in order to share my personal experiences in the report and to make the text accessible. Nicole indicates that she sees a nice overflow of objective and subjective text. From this I can conclude that the intention I had, the balancing of opinion and fact,  came across well to the reader.


Under the heading 'Structure' Nicole discusses the content of the documentary. She indicates that although she is familiar with the documentary and has seen it herself, she can imagine that it is difficult for others to follow. I understand where this idea comes from, but I personally don't think it has much to do with 'having seen the documentary'. Personally, I think this is because the designs Neri Oxman discusses during the documentary are quite abstract and conceptual. In addition, a large prior knowledge of exact subjects is also expected. This makes it more difficult to follow if you don't have that prior knowledge and you haven't mastered the conceptual thinking. This is of course very understandable.


Finally, in the section 'Language care', Nicole returns to the spelling and grammar, which she believes are in order. She gives the tip that subheadings can contribute to a clear course in the text. I think she may certainly be right about this and will review the text again and assess whether this is indeed necessary.  


Nicole has indicated that the text of the report meets the criteria in all respects. This confirms the idea that I myself have about the quality. I will take the tips that Nicole gives into account by checking the report and supplementing it if applicable.


1. Language use

"The choice of words is very professional and varied. This makes it easy to read. The report is a whole and flows nicely with objective and subjective text. This way you not only get a dry report, but also the viewer's experience. The tone is neat and fits the assignment."

2. Structure

"I happened to see this documentary myself, so for me the course of the story was very clear, although it may seem a bit difficult to follow for someone who has not heard of this at all."

3. Language Care

"Spelling and grammar are completely neat. White lines and neat clear paragraphs are used. Subheadings are not used. This could contribute to a clear progression."

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