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The test moment of the second practical test of Wonderland is the relevant situation. The aim is to complete the test as best as possible according to the description and criteria provided within the given time of three hours. After this time, it is the intention that the created work will be photographed and the files submitted on Blackboard. This archiving of the test documents is mandatory to obtain the result of the test.

The content of the test consists of making a design for a roundabout at a furniture museum. The design must include a link to the museum. Form, colour, light, space and material must come together in a balanced way in the design. A perspective drawing, sketches and a model are made of the design. In addition, the design is substantiated in a report of approximately 300 words and photos are taken.

After reading the test description and the criteria, I started with the environment for the design, the roundabout. From the round shape I continued to work and processed all aspects of the image. The model took a lot of time to work out. I then sketched the perspective drawing freehand due to lack of time. Finally, I wrote the draft report.




The lack of time during the test moment broke me. I think if I had a better time distribution, I would have put the design down stronger. I was very satisfied with the concept of the design and the rationale. However, the elaboration was less good in the perspective drawing and the design report. When I read it again afterwards, I saw that I had not worded it correctly. The drawing, which I had drawn on with markers, reduced the perspective effect. The teacher also indicates this in the feedback. I agree with this.

Although I submitted all parts of the test after the test moment and then on Blackboard, there are parts that I would have liked to spend more time on and that I had to rush through due to the lack of time. This was because I focused too long on the elaboration of the model. The technique I wanted to use for this did not work as I expected at first, leaving little time for the perspective drawing and the report. The result was sufficient but moderate, a 6.

In the future I want to make a better time distribution and stick to fixed times for each part. If it is not completed within the given time, I first move on to the other part. At times I will also have to speed up a bit and keep the concept and design a bit more compact to be able to finish it in time.

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