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For this situation, I am on the day before the first knowledge test, which is also the first test of the semester. I have prepared myself well over the past period by printing the overview of the teaching material, attending the lectures, taking notes and learning the material from the book. My goal was to set the bar a little lower, by better estimating when I've done enough on an assignment or exam. 


In my daily schedule I have to determine whether I still want to spend time on the teaching material today, whereby I have to estimate my acquired knowledge about the test material. My first thought is that today it is best to do as much extra as possible to know the material as well as possible. The disadvantage of this is that this requires a lot of energy and time, which means that I may be less rested and experience stress from learning, while I have already done a lot for the test.

After weighing up between an extra day of learning and taking it easy, I opt for the latter. I estimate that I have done enough to get a good result on the knowledge test and decide that the stress and fatigue do not outweigh the little extra knowledge I can gain by continuing to learn. I spend my day taking rest and leisure.



I experience my approach and the associated result as a success in achieving my learning goal. Although I initially wanted to continue learning and set the bar very high for myself, I tried to reflect on what I had already done and whether it was actually necessary to learn even more. I finally made the right decision, taking rest. As a result, I will fall back less quickly in the overwrought feeling. In addition, the good result also supports the feeling that I have done enough.

Just before the time to take the knowledge test, I feel a slight tension. I'm afraid I may not know enough details. As soon as I take the test, this feeling disappears. I think I passed the test.

The result is impressive, because when I get my test back I appear to have achieved a 9. The good result encourages me to approach my planning in the same way in the future and to take a rest when possible.


In the future, I want to plan my days in such a way that I don't study the day before the test anyway. Then I can take a moment of rest prior to the test and I no longer have to make a decision on the day itself. Taking rest also helps me to be fit during the test. In this way I make the next step in my learning goal 'lowering the bar'.

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