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Space & Material is the theme of the second semester of Interior Design & Styling. This second half of the first year brings  all the knowledge and development of the Wonderland semester together, but uses it in a more concrete way in the form of design questions. Design is central to this, supported by technical knowledge and knowledge about art and design.


During the semester, in addition to IDS school assignments, I took a course at Harvard X, the online initiative of Harvard University. The course called 'Architectural Imagination' focuses on learning to read, analyze and understand different forms of architectural representations. In addition, it examines the social and historical context behind important works of architecture and deals with the basic principles for creating your own architectural drawings and models.

On June 23, I successfully completed this course with a review by  K. Michael Hays

Eliot Noyes Professor of Architectural Theory Harvard University Graduate School of Design.  

The certificate can be found below.


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