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I concluded the product test of the Wonderland semester with a 9. My project partner, Nicole, and I are extremely satisfied with the work we have accomplished. We've done a lot of research and experimentation, which means there's a lot of layering in the process. This was also the first collaboration assignment. In my learning objectives, I indicated that it was sometimes difficult to hand over the reins when working together. However, I have experienced the collaboration with Nicole as very positive. Nicole had problems with her health in the beginning, so I took on some more tasks. When Nicole felt better again, the division of labor was restored in a very balanced way. Our way of thinking, motivation and ideas matched well, so that I trusted Nicole completely and could work with her very pleasantly. It is an experience that I would like to take with me to my next collaboration assignment. The lighting aspect was indeed the only part where we could experiment even more. I therefore agree with the feedback from the teacher. 


"A rock-solid concept that is excitingly executed and well made. The lighting aspect deserves some more attention. The concept is strongly described in your poster. Congratulations."

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