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Abstract Background





1. Use the 5G schemes

2. Breaking Thinking Mistakes

3. Critical
to give feedback
and receive

From home I have always been taught the idea that anything is possible, provided you are willing to work hard for it. My parents are always open to my thoughts, ideas and points of view and will never say no beforehand. There is room for discussion and feedback and that creates a relaxed atmosphere that stimulated me to express myself from an early age. In this way, with the support of my parents, I have mastered the growth mindset. I am very curious and I am always busy picking up new skills or improving certain talents.

Giving and receiving feedback can sometimes be difficult, but openness and sincerity is something I value very much. However, that is often easier said than done. I am a very perfectionist and being very hard on yourself is something that follows from that. As a result, when receiving critical feedback, I can regularly make mistakes in thinking, which makes me doubt myself. During my CBT sessions, I work through 5G schemes, through which I puzzle out thought patterns and learn to break through thinking errors. I also saw these schemes in the Mens & Markt classes, where I learned to understand the value of the schemes within the professional field. My learning goal is therefore to continue to fill in the 5G schedules and to make an exercise a routine, which I can eventually become proficient in.

As for my learning goal 'taking breaks' from week 1.4, I also have a small additional goal. I notice that for the time being I often lose myself in time and that pausing does not always occur to me. I want to set alarms to remind myself of this.


My other learning objective from week 1.4, structuring is already well advanced. In addition to my agenda, I now also use a separate notebook, where I sort my daily tasks by means of the ABC system. This gives me a better overview of my priorities, so that I am less likely to procrastinate and miss deadlines. 

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