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In order to form new learning objectives for the next five to ten weeks, it is important to look back on the past five weeks of the Space & Material semester, in which we made the first design steps for the gas works and concluded this phase with the assessment of the sketch design (SO).

I got off to a slow start at the start of the project. The assigned target audience appealed to me the least, which made it difficult for me to get started. Of course that is also an opportunity and it can form a challenge, which you will often encounter later in practice, but finding inspiration did not work at that time. Although the inspiration eventually came, it took me quite some time, leaving me behind schedule. This meant that I had to do everything in a rush and that I couldn't work everything out the way I wanted. The last few days were therefore very hard to hand in the work on time. Fortunately, the work did yield a good result, namely an 8 and with the feedback from the teacher I was able to get along well.

However, it is important to take a moment to reflect on something that has happened to me before. That slow start. It's not the first time this has happened to me and a problem that often throws my schedule upside down. If I can't immediately come up with ideas at the start of the project, I sometimes put it off. Then I do a lot of other things for school, but I don't always have my priorities in mind. That is why I want to set as a learning objective for the coming period, to look closely at the priority of an assignment or a task.

By combining this with a structured planning, I hope to solve this problem. That also means that I sometimes go on  have to do, especially in the beginning. If the inspiration is not there then I will have to search in a disciplined way and not focus too quickly on other things. To make this easier for myself, I think it would be useful to make a list on my computer with websites, platforms and books that I have often drawn inspiration from. This way I have everything lined up for myself, which makes the threshold to start a little less high.


I can also apply making a list for all parts of the design project. By making a list, you create an overview for yourself, making it easier to see the priority of a part.  Finally, it is also important to have a good sense of the time that is available for making an assignment. Although I have been able to reduce my perfectionism somewhat over the year, I still find it difficult not to set the bar too high. Then it's not necessarily about whether I can handle the ideas that I have in terms of skill, but more about the time-intensity of them. I find this difficult to estimate and I often want too much.

Finally, I would like to state as a learning objective that I ask for help more often. I find it difficult to show my work to other people until it is finished. This also stems from perfectionism. Of course I haven't been able to work out all the ideas yet and then I want to 'always finish something' before showing it to fellow students for feedback. That is of course not necessary. By doing this more, I naturally also get more contact with my fellow students, so that the collaboration element can also come to the fore a little better in this design assignment.





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