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"With the new relaxation, you have been back at school this week for a long time. You could have experienced that as nice. At the same time you had to travel and expose yourself to others. That may have been less pleasant. How do you bring this mixed feelings in the image and which colors belong to this?"

Lately, my introverted side has especially come to the fore. I'm on my own a lot and that's fine. While many people may not know me that way, I love being alone. Only I can let my mind be free and this often leads to new insights. Only I have space. Because of my ADHD I quickly become overstimulated. A school day on location can therefore be quite tiring, but certainly after a time when everything was online, starting up after the relaxation can take some effort. That is also what I have depicted in the work you see on the right.


The words in the background represent the verbal stimuli that come to you every day, the colors symbolize the negative and the positive. The abundance of surfaces and colors shows how I can sometimes become overstimulated. The human figure in the middle symbolizes myself. My introverted self occasionally tries, if it's too much, to turn its back on the negativity, but also seek protection in the positive. I think the blue color I came up with in the middle is a good reflection of how I feel now. A frozen feeling, sometimes a bit like standing still. Waiting for the world. Until she gets going again.

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