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1. Focus on
a task.

2. Fixed
take breaks.

3. Bar less
put high.


These years have played a major role in the development and the search for my identity. What do I stand for? What choices do I make? Does what I convey to the world around me match how I see myself? These are questions I will probably still be asking myself ten years from now. And that's okay, because we're constantly changing.


In the fall of 2019, my doctor told me that I had a classic form of overstrain, a burn out. That was really disappointing, because I had a full schedule and many things I wanted to do, but this brought everything to a standstill.  

Until the summer of 2020, I mainly focused on my recovery. Although a burn out is of course very bad, it has also brought me to many new insights. In May it was also found that I have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD for short. While this may be bad news for many, it felt like a great relief to me. A lot of puzzle pieces fell into place and with this information I was able to tackle the things where I previously got stuck.

School played a major role in this. The way I studied for the past two years demanded too much energy and time. I could work on a project from early morning to late at night for days because I set the bar very high. This led to stress and overstrain.


My learning objectives are as follows. To prevent myself from becoming overwrought again, I want to work in a more structured way and with the focus on one subject in the coming semester. I often tend to tackle several tasks at the same time. As a result, I am constantly switching between multiple assignments, which causes chaos. So when I work, I like to keep myself busy with one thing.

With that more structured working comes taking regular breaks. While working, I still often get into a hyperfocus, so that I go on for hours on end without giving my body and mind a moment of rest. And although I do a lot of work, the downside is that it is unhealthy for my body.  


Finally, I want to set the bar less high during Wonderland. By this I don't mean that I will do minimal work, but that I will learn to better estimate for myself when something is more than sufficient and that I don't have to work everything down to the smallest detail or know everything.


The results of the tests corresponded quite well with how I experience myself. The Kolb learning style test indicates that I am primarily a doer .


According to the results, I like to be involved in the entire process and I work according to a good planning. That first one is indeed correct. I would like to contribute to the whole and sometimes find it difficult, especially in collaboration with others, to hand over the reins. Although I know that working together within a team is of great importance, I sometimes find it difficult to fully trust a project partner and thereby relinquish control. This is definitely something I could work on within the group assignments this semester.


The second part, the structured planning, is especially something I really want. I am a huge 'control freak' from time to time and a structured planning certainly offers something to hold on to. However, the effect is often somewhat different. The plans I make are fantastically worked out, but are not always followed properly. I'm working on improving this.

The Procrastination Questionnaire indicates that I have a tendency to procrastinate, but that I do not score above average in relation to other students. I myself feel that I am procrastinating above average. This is something that may also be amplified by ADHD. To reduce this, I have recently started taking medication and I follow CBT. In the next learning objectives I will discuss whether this has helped me.

Kolb - learning style test
Belbin - group role test
Postponement questionnaire
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